Thursday, June 13, 2013

Week two update

I have added and changed some information to my action research initial plan. I am trying to incorporate vertical alignment meetings with the use of data to more efficiently structure students at the beginning and throughout the school year.  We are heading in a direction to hopefully use one of the first days of in-service to use data and teacher support to eliminate teachers having to learn, on their own, about a student in their classroom this coming year.  We realize that we will have several new students, but this type of action research should help save time and allow for quicker evaluation of students that moved on to the next grade.  This idea will require the use of test data in both areas of math and reading.  I still have a goal of learning how data can drive instruction in a positive way, but I have added some information to help get me there.   I think that with the help and support of my site supervisor we can research and help value instructional time for students and teachers. 


  1. I think that your topic is very interesting. I am going to assume that you work in an elementary school with a smaller group of students especially since you said that you have only a small group of "new" students. I would be most interested in finding ways to communicate to our staff about student achievement. I work in a very large high school with a high turnover rate. It is very difficult to find ways to communicate about students in an effective manner. I will be sure to follow your progress in hopes of using your ideas on my own campus.

  2. I think your research project is powerful! I think it will be highly beneficial for teachers to see where their students are before starting the year! We took a step toward that with our SPED students. Each grade level teacher that had a SPED student in their classroom met with that students case manager to go over their IEP in detail and make sure they were on the same page before the year started. We found it to be very helpful to know all the ins and outs of these students so we were better prepared. Looking forward to following your blog to see how these meetings go! :)

  3. Nicole - I look forward to the outcome of your action research plan. My school has initiated efforts over the last couple of years to incorporate vertical meetings once a month among grade levels. This was initiated by the STAAR test and the cohesion and rigor that we anticipated the state would be setting as benchmarks for each grade level. I currently teach in an elementary school, and we went as far as meeting with our secondary counterparts as well so the transition from elementary to secondary might be easier academically because students were more prepared and knew what to expect. I look forward to reviewing how your campus initiates vertical alignment and the outcome of student achievement.